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International Enterprises is a leader in extreme value retail.

Founded by Michael Farina as International Enterprises (I.E.), I.E. has bought and sold over $8 billion dollars of closeouts, overstocks, salvage product, MOS (marked-out-of-stock), customer returns and other varieties of inventory across all product categories.

With its company owned stores, strategic retail partner network, 
company owned warehouses and 3PL partners across the globe, I.E. has the ability to take immediate possession of and fund any size inventory transaction.

Headquartered near the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Massillon, Ohio, I.E. Retail Ventures is building upon it’s legacy and is rapidly growing both its physical and digital retail network via strategic retail investing and partnerships.

Contact us to meet our merchants and develop a long-term, best in class end-user solution. Please reach out to us at any time. Our Chairman, CEO, and President personally check all of the emails that are sent through our Let's Do Business page

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